When you experience something great or amazing, who's the first person you want to share it with? Social Media is it for Business!<br/> <br/> Social media is it for business I feel it’s a bit like saying are strawberries and cream associated with Tennis at Wimbledon or was Robbie Williams part of Take That. Both are true statements however another fact could be that all parties have survived on their own!<br/> <br/> However my view is that with so many industries and manufactures alike are embracing Social Media as a way to build a corporate brand. One of the main reasons is because the internet is highly accessible it’s turning technologies into communication for us all to be able to access cheaply along with a great opportunity to engage in direct feedback or just opinions from us.<br/> <br/> That is one of the many reasons for embracing Social Media as another means of a working platform to gain entry into our lives as the growth of the internet over the past thirty years has consolidated its self as the most powerful tool by way that we can communicate and view information.<br/> <br/> That’s why given the internet’s universal source of information and the way it’s opened up such an global market place for everyone, via a very low investment cost, can your business afford not to be part of it, I personally think not.<br/> <br/> What’s your thoughts!! Why not interact and let me know.<br/> Thanks for your time Wayne.<br/> <p class="asset asset-link"> <a href="http://www.waynecollier.co.uk">www.waynecollier.co.uk</a> </p>
When you experience something great or amazing, who's the first person you want to share it with? Coffee<br/> <br/> For those of you who don’t know let me explain many years ago my life was built around bars and pubs followed very closely by restaurants and food, now it’s very much around COFFEE and Coffee shops.<br/> <br/> As I spend a lot of time out on the road over the years I have found my way to many Starbucks and Costa Coffee shops all over the country and like so many others I am very grateful to both companies for taking my coffee drinking to a different level. However sometimes depending where I am and at what time then I will make do at the drive-through at McDonalds for a large latte as I am not a complete coffee snob.<br/> <br/> However now with our two major supermarket chains Sainsbury and Tesco joining in with Costa and Starbucks franchises in some of its outlets I don’t even have to worry about finding a venue in high street along with car parking charges.<br/> <br/> Times have moved on and I can own up and even confirm sitting in sun outside at the edge of a superstore car park in some very unlikely venues like Tesco Extra Scunthorpe and Sainsbury Beaconsfield or sitting upstairs at the back of the Tesco Extra Horsham it’s opened up a complete different world and opportunities to gain my coffee fix.<br/> <br/> Over the years my one pet hates is that when on holiday unless you’re in the States, Canada or Italy you can’t always find a Starbucks even though the brand is now becoming worldwide, the options to buy a good coffee to drink can be very much hit and miss event?<br/> <br/> However throughout the world there are loads of great coffee houses to buy coffee beans from but not necessarily to just have a quiet sit down and a drink even if in a superstore car park. (It’s all about great tasting coffee)<br/> <br/> Some fifteen years or so ago I may have found what might have been a front runner in the car park coffee drinking in a small fishing village called Praia Da Luz which is in the Western Algarve Portugal some 5k west of Lagos, unfortunately Praia Da Luz for the past 4 years has been in the news for all the wrong reasons because of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann, but don’t be put off this is a great place to visit.<br/> <br/> Maybe just maybe this small coffee shop in the back streets of Praia De Luz was the front runner for the Tesco and Sainsbury “Al fresco” coffee shops, based inside the family owned Baptista’s supermarket supplying groceries, fresh bread, pastries, croissants, and cakes as well as great coffee along with car parking seating and the other ingredient the Algarve sun. What more could anyone ask for.<br/> <br/> I can own up and admit that over the years I have spent many hours just sitting in this car park watching the world go by, in the sun along with other tourists and locals, but more importantly I can recommend the coffee, so if you get the opportunity to visit the Western Algarve check it out you won’t be disappointed and let me know.<br/> <br/> Wayne.<br/> <p class="asset asset-link"> <a href="http://www.waynecollier.co.uk">www.waynecollier.co.uk</a> </p>