When you experience something great or amazing, who's the first person you want to share it with? Yes or No that is the question!<br/> <br/> Does your business make the most of the World Wide Web in my experience most business owners don’t. Just having a web site presence is not enough it’s just the start; in a nutshell it’s like having a car why have it if you’re not going to drive it.<br/> <br/> Companies and business need to make the most out of their most valuable asset your BRAND/PRODUCT. You need to be very aggressive in your marketing. I don’t mean deceiving your clients or annoying your prospects I mean aggressive in building your brand or product.<br/> <br/> You may be very smart, clever and even brilliant at what you or your business does but are you telling the world, how do people differentiate between your company and another company’s web site.<br/> <br/> Keeping your excising customers happy as in time they will refer you business but this takes time, you need to start self-promotion and tell people how good your company or products are.<br/> <br/> In short you need to dominate your market place, remember tell people how good you are don’t be shy if you don’t others will tell them. Life is all about reputation, credibility and being expert in your market place that’s why you need more than just a business card on-line.<br/> <br/> When you personally hand over a business card it’s just giving basic contact details to your customer, then you’re about to start selling your services.<br/> <br/> Your website needs to be doing the same.<br/> <br/> Wayne.<br/> <p class="asset asset-link"> <a href="http://www.waynecollier.co.uk">www.waynecollier.co.uk</a> </p>